2015 & 2016 NEWS ARCHIVES

In a four year mandate there are a lot of events and meetings to attend. Check out what we got up to in 2015 and 2016! See our other news pages for the most recent Innes Ward happenings.

August 20th Community Fun Day 2016

On Saturday August 20th we had a very busy day in the Ward with three different community events happening. As always, we were happy to attend our ward events hosted by various community associations and companies. We were able to attend the Bradley Estates Family Fun Day, the Dapo Agoro 10th Annual Fun Day and the Pole Etcetera Back to School Fundraiser. Thank you to all those who consistently work hard to build community and improve the lives of residents in our ward.

Chapel Hill South Summer Sizzler 2016

A BBQ, outdoor games and live music! I had the pleasure of speaking with residents and a variety of first responder personnel. I had a great time at the Chapel Hill South Summer Sizzler. Thanks to the community association and the many volunteers for making it a fun evening.

Ward Office Grand Opening BBQ

On May 27, 2016, my staff and I hosted a free family BBQ in celebration of achieving a great goal: opening an office in the Ward. Now, constituents can meet me to discuss issues in the community.

Chapel Hill South Summer Sizzler 2015

There can never be too many BBQs during the summer! Who doesn’t love the smell of the grill in the company of friends and neighbours! I was happy to take part in my first CHSCA Summer Sizzler! Thank you to Mayor Watson for attending this ward event.

MPP Lalonde’s Corn Roast 2015

Always a great time at MPP Lalonde’s Annual Corn Roast. I was excited to see all those who came out and happy to meet many citizens of Ottawa.