Innes Ward Construction project Updates

New Stop Sign

An All-Way Stop sign has been added at the intersection of Longleaf/Shakewood/Montclair.

    Brian Coburn Roundabout

    The roundabout at Brian Coburn and Navan Rd is now open

      New Lights at intersection of Orlean Blvd and Navan Rd

      Excited that traffic lights are being added to the intersection of Orleans Blvd and Navan Rd. This will allow for the facilitation of pedestrian crossing as well as safer condition for cars turning. Safety first !!

        Renaud Road Resurfacing

        Resurfacing is well underway on Renaud Road from the s-curve to Bradley Ridge Park

          New Accessible Bus Stop

          A new accessible bus stop will be built on Orléans Blvd at Creek Crossing. This will replace the existing bus stop at 6000 Longleaf.

            Brian Coburn Boulevard

            Brian Coburn Boulevard is now open from Mer Bleue to Navan.

              Second Turning Lane at Navan Rd and Blackburn bypass

              A second left turning lane at Navan Road & Blackburn bypass is now completed and lines have been painted on Navan Rd. This will help alleviate morning traffic congestion.

                Page Multi-Use Pathway

                The multi-use pathway on Page Rd (crossing Brian Coburn Boulevard) is on schedule and nearing completion.

                  Press Release: Mitic Champions Road Safety in Chapel Hill South

                  Ottawa – Today, Innes Ward Councillor Jody Mitic gained approval from City Council to reduce the operating speed on Orléans Boulevard from Navan Road to Silverbirch Street/Longleaf Drive. For the last several years, residents of the collector road connecting Innes Road to Navan Road have raised concerns over the high levels of speed in which cars are travelling. Orléans Blvd which is in close proximity to École élémentaire publique Le Prelude and three community parks has seen a dramatic increase in traffic volumes since the closure of Pagé Road.

                  “It’s a matter of public safety and quality of life,” said Councillor Mitic. “The residents of Chapel Hill South have been clear, they want to see cars slowing down so children and families can experience a safer place to live, work and play,” said Mitic

                  The safety of our residents is my top priority, this is why I brought the motion forward to have the speed lowered immediately on Orléans Blvd from 60KM/h to 50Km/h,” Mitic added.

                  Councillor Mitic notes that this is only a first step to make the neighbourhood safer and ensure kids can get to school and seniors can walk the area while feeling more comfortable. In an effort to improve safety even further for Chapel Hill South residents, Councillor Mitic noted that new traffic signals will be installed later this year at the intersection of Navan Rd and Orléans Blvd and a speed radar board will be put up on Orléans Blvd to remind drivers to slow down.

                  “I’m very thankful to my Council colleagues for helping advance this important issue in Innes Ward. Residents should see the new 50KM/h speeds signs up on Orléans Blvd in the coming weeks,” concluded Mitic.

                  Here is a quick overview of some of the projects that my office and I have been able to accomplish under my mandate so far.

                  • Roundabout now open at Anderson/Renaud Road
                  • Construction nearly complete on the Bradley Ridge Park Gazebo
                  • Add a Splash Pad at Gérald Poulin Park
                  • New Park Benches installed at Chapel Hill Park
                  • Helped to start the Chapel Hill North Community Association
                  • Opened an office in the ward and started weekly drop in hours
                  • Provide an AED for the Blackburn Hamlet Community Hall
                  • Secured the lease extension for the Blackburn Hamlet Community Preschool Lease through 2017
                  • Miracle League Accessible Baseball Field now open
                  • Orleans Bengals Lighting Project Application (funded through the Government of Canada’s 150 finances)

                  2017 BUDGET HIGHLIGHTS

                  Recent Projects:

                  Recreation Parks

                  • $280,000 for Blackburn Arena Expansion – Design
                  • $7,500 for Henry Larsen Elementary School – Play structure (Minor Community Partnership Program)

                   Housing Services

                  • $5.4M for Affordable Housing Project – Montfort Renaissance – 1900 St. Joseph Blvd – 48 units
                  • $390,300 for Social Housing Repairs – essential repairs such as safety, accessibility and energy efficiency improvements

                  Public Works and Environmental Services

                  Multi Wards

                  • $1.3 Million – 125,000 trees on target to be planted across all Wards to increase forest cover in urban, suburban and rural areas, and assist in managing the impact of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) on the City’s streets, facilities, parks and natural spaces

                  Transportation Services Department – Planning

                  • $26.1 million for the Brian Coburn Boulevard extension, a new two-lane road with sidewalks and cycling lanes between Navan and Mer Bleue Road. $800,000 for intersection modifications at Navan Road and Blackburn Hamlet Bypass will be added to the project in 2017 to address increased traffic.

                  Transportation Services Department – Traffic

                  • Street Lighting Major Replacements: Cable Fault Repairs at Valley Field Crescent #6061 and at Forest Valley Dr from south of St. Joseph Blvd
                  • Street Lighting Major Replacements: Brian Colburn – Mer Bleue to Belcourt, Du Clairvaux Rd – Innes Rd Pathway, Renaud Rd Glenlivet to Mer Bleue, t. Joseph Blvd #1900 – Pole Relocation, Trails Edge PH2 and Trails Edge West
                  • Pedestrian Countdown Signals Program: Installation of device at two traffic control signals within the Ward. and one bordering Ward 19
                  • Audible Pedestrian Signals Program: Installation of device at one traffic control signal within the Ward
                  • $40,000 for Strategic Initiatives – Temporary Traffic Calming Measures Program: Locations to be determined annually with ward Councillor
                  • $54,000 for the installation of PXO at 2 locations:
                  • Renaud between Melodie and Compass (Type B)
                  • Beausejour at Des Sapins Gardens (Type D)


                  2017 & 2018 Investments:

                  Recreation Parks

                  • $980,000 for Trails Edge Linear Park Development – Design & Construction
                  • $576,000 for Eastboro Neighbourhood Park Development – Design & Construction
                  • $1.845M for Spring Valley Trails Community Park Development – Design & Construction
                  • $150,000 for Notre-Dame-des-Champs Park – New Playground (Major Capital Partnership Program)
                  • $50,000 for Notre-Dame-des-Champs Park – Playground Replacement
                  • $7,500 for Chapel Hill Catholic School – Play structure (Minor Community Partnership Program)

                  Public Works and Environmental Services

                  • $15,000 – Canada 150 Maple Grove Project. Planting a grove of 150 native Canada Maple trees as a legacy project for Canada’s 150th anniversary celebration

                  Infrastructure Renewal

                  Road Resurfacing – 7 projects total, including:

                  • $1.347M – Bearbrook Rd., Centrepark Dr. to St. Joseph Blvd.
                  • $778,000 – Navan Rd., Blackburn Bypass to Page Rd.
                  • $528K – Westpark Dr. – Bearbrook to Bearbrook


                  • $87K – St. Joseph Blvd. (2 sections) from Edgar Brault to Place d’Orleans Blvd. and St. Jean St. to Belcourt Blvd.

                  Drainage Infrastructure ($1 Million)

                  • 3 culverts (including Blair Rd.)

                  Parks and Buildings ($345,000)

                  • Blackburn Arena – Design: arena ice making equipment control panel and condenser, type II condition audit
                  • Blackburn Preschool Daycare – Demolish portable trailer
                  • Fire Station 54 Blackburn Hamlet – Type II condition audit
                  • Hornets Nest Park Fieldhouse – Replace roof area B and C, air handling unit serving original building
                  • Notre Dame des Champs – Replace fire alarm system
                  • Chapel Hill Park Tennis Courts – Replace asphalt

                  Planning, Infrastructure, and Economic Development

                  (dollar figures for money budgeted for 2017 – full project may span over multiple years)

                  Multi Wards

                  • $100,000 – DCA Mer Bleu Rd. Reliability Links
                  • $45,000 – DCA Oversizing Orléans South Business Park Sanitary Sewer

                  Transportation Services Department – Planning

                  • $800,000 for an updated Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Blackburn Hamlet Bypass
                  • $1 million for an Cumberland Transitway Environmental Assessment (EA) study from Blair Station to Brian Coburn (corridor protection)
                  • $4 million investment City-wide in cycling facility improvements, including connecting the Prescott-Russell Recreational Trail Link to Cyrville Road
                  • $200,000 for implementation of intersection control measure improvements at Navan Road and Orleans Boulevard

                  Transportation Services Department – Traffic

                  • $40,000 per year for Strategic Initiatives – Temporary Traffic Calming Measures Program: Locations to be determined annually with ward Councillor (2017 & 2018)
                  • $3,500 – $40,000 per year to install PXO at 1 feasible location (if identified). Location to be determined. The cost of the PXO will depend on the type of PXO to be installed (B,C or D) (2017 & 2018)

                  Transportation Services Department – Transit

                  City wide:

                  • $3 million for strategic projects that transform the transit service and enable the delivery of a fully integrated transit system in 2018
                  • $3.25 million to improve Transitway and O-Train stations and facilities to benefit customers and operations
                  • $500,000 for accessibility improvements at Transitway and O-Train stations for all customers, including seniors and customers with disabilities
                  • $1 million for ongoing rehabilitation at Transitway and O-Train stations, including condition assessment, rehabilitation, and implementation of safety and security improvements
                  • $1.5 million to replace non-revenue vehicles used for security, supervision, maintenance, stores and other services that support the reliability of the transit system



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